Looking For Free Software? Welcome To E-eeasy.com

OK, so maybe it's not the best free software (Easy Email Forwarding is pretty good though!) but who searches the internet for "Rubbish Software"? E-eeasy.com is home to a number of very popular free software applications as well as many other small programs that people may find useful. Each of our programs is built using the best technology available. Whilst most of our programs concentrate on e-mail functionality such as forwarding e-mail messages or checking for new e-mail we also offer the best free solutions for common Excel problems, file shredding, picking random lottery results, updating PDF Meta file information and much more. Basically wherever we come across a problem that can be solved with software we write it then give it away for free. If you've got any ideas for software that you'd like to see written then please feel free to pass them on.

Other than software we also like to write articles covering some of the more interesting things that we find whilst browsing the internet. These cover such diverse subjects as possible cold sore cures (does one actually exist), software development methodologies through to the technology that allows you to watch live television over the internet! We actually started talking about this particular subject a long time before it became mainstream (stream, see what I did there!)

The E-eeasy.com website also maintains several databases that millions of users over the years have taken advantage of. The most popular of these being the SMTP Server List. This database contains the SMTP server details for a large number of ISP's, vital information for many e-mail users. It is seen as the de facto source of SMTP servers on the internet and has now been copied by numerous other sites, without any credit we might add. Nearly as popular as the SMTP Servers is the a list of high value Adsense phrases, although not updated for a little while now this database still contains many great search phrases for those interested in finding high value Adsense keywords. One day we will get around to putting the latest version up but suffice to say what the things that pay best tend to stay constant.

E-eeasy.com has been online and giving away great free software since 2002, in that time over 4 million users have taken advantage of our programs. Our software has been featured on several magazine cover disks (remember when they were popular?) and has won numerous awards, actual real awards as well, not those generic 5 star awards you get from every software website on the web!