If You Can't Get Premiership Football Tickets Why Not Watch On The Web?

I'm a huge football fan, always have been and always will be. The problem is that I don't live on the mainland UK, home to the best football league in the world, The Premier League! Getting tickets to games is expensive, involves a lot of travel and to do it more than a couple of times a year isn't really possible. Up until recently I got my football fix from Sky TV. Unfortunately we had a falling out due to the way in which they treat existing customers, basically like crap. I pulled the plug on it. My main worry by far was how to watch football (obviously my wife had other concerns!), so I started to search the web. Streamed live games appeared to be the way forward so I read a few reviews, forums and such like and did LOTS of searches until eventually I found a way of watching games with a reasonable amount of quality (over a 512 ADSL line). What I settled on is something called CoolStreaming. Think of it as P2P stream sharing! A couple of the sports channels available feature live premiership games, some of which aren't even available on Sky. The quality can be hit and miss but as long as you get on early I've had no problems so far.

Also available are sites offering hundreds of channels over the web, to be honest I haven't tried these and have no idea of the quality of them but they "could" be worth a go as well!

Live Football Links

TVAnts Streaming Software
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SOPCast, Another alternative to Coolstreaming
SOPCast works just as well for watching live football!

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