CheckMail For ManxNet v1.0

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Due to the recent announcement that Manx Telecom is going to restrict access to its POP and SMTP servers to Manx Telecom ISP users, a lot of people are going to be stuck with no way of being notified of new mail (not to mention the worst webmail interface in history). CheckMail addresses the first problem by constantly monitoring your ManxNet account and playing an alert sound/showing a notification when new mail arrives. CheckMail will work with any ISP connection. Some of its main features include:-

  • Choose a custom interval to poll for new mail
  • Quick launch the webmail interface
  • Play a custom sound of your choice
  • Optional pop-up alert window
  • Patriotic Manx 3 legs icons
  • Discreet (Tray icon) existence

CheckMail for Manx Telecoms ManxNet v1.0(277KB) - Executable Only - 08 October 2004