Cold Sore Cure - Anybody Know Of One?

So i've just got back from some serious time in the sun and I feel miserable, why I hear you ask? Cold Sores! Every time I go near the sun I end up with one but this year has been something a bit special. At the moment I have 4 cold sores sitting on my bottom lip, all of which are extremely painful, I look a site and like I said I feel miserable! So, anyway, I decided i'd have a look on the internet and see what I could find in the way of cures, remedies or just anything to help at all. The final result of my research was that there is no definitive cold sore cure. Holding ice on to the tingle works to reduce the severity of the attack, Zovirax is supposed to work but in my experience does very little, tea bags just turn your mouth brown. The best bit of advice I read with regard to a cold sore cure was to not get one in the first place! My trigger is the sun, for other people it is stress but mine is the sun and the damage it does my lips. Next year when i'm away i'm going to be stocking up on zinc based sun block for my lips and lip balm, if you suffer from cold sores in the sun I suggest you do the same!

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