Easy Email Forwarding FAQ

What is the latest version of Easy Email Forwardng?
Easy Email Forwarding is at version 1.10

Does Easy Email Forwarding forward the messages without altering the original sender?
Yes. All messages are forwarded with the original headers in place.

What mail services does Easy Email Forwarding support?
Easy Email Forwarding allows e-mail to be forwarded from any account that has POP3 access. For services that do not allow POP3 access the program works with free Web to POP3 converters that easily allow your messages to be converted to a format that can then be forwarded. We recommend FreePOPS for this type of forwarding, FreePOPS supports hundreds of web mail only/none POP3 email systems.

I don't know what SMTP settings to use?
SMTP is the sending part of the forwarding process. We recommend that you use your ISPs SMTP settings when forwarding, you can find a comprehensive list of server settings on the SMTP Server List. Nearly all servers these days require authentication so you'll need to supply a username and password, please also remember to tick the "needs auth" box. Please be aware that some ISPs block port 25 traffic (Verizon is just one example of this) to anything other than their SMTP server, this means that you will only be able to use the SMTP server details they provide or alternatively a service like SMTP2Go which has several other ports open.

Does EEF work with Proxy servers?
Easy Email Forwarding is compatible with SOCKS proxy servers.

I get the error "Could Not Load SSL Library"?
Because of the way forwarding works the SSL library is only loaded the first time it is needed and depending on your computer this can cause this error to occur once. This error should then go away for each every forwarding from then on (you can test this by manually forwarding using the test button). If you are using a version of EEF prior to the 17th of May 2013 and you get this error consistently then I'd suggest downloading and installing the latest version of the software.

No messages are forwarded and I get socket errors in the errorlog.txt?
This is usually NOT a fault with EEF but rather is down to 1 of 2* things:-

1. If it is only from time to time then there is a problem with the server you are trying to reach i.e. it is temporary down, has timed out etc. In all honesty if you sat there refreshing a web application all day from time to time you will get a timeout of some sort.

2. If it is constant there is a problem with your network configuration. Errors like code 11004 mean that the server can not be reached so look at your router/network/firewall/anti-spam/anti-virus settings. Ensure that EEF has the rights to do what it needs to do!

* If something has changed which stops Easy Email Forwarding from working across the board then I'll usually be the first to hear about it :)

EEF appears to ignore some of my mail?
Easy Email Forwarding keeps a list of all e-mail that is "handled". Any mail that appears in this list is subsequently ignored if EEF comes across it again. A registry setting can be set with overrides this setting, more details are in the readme.

I've checked my Errorlog.txt and I get consistent Error Code 10061 warnings?
Error code 10061 means 1 of 2 things is occurring. Either firstly the server you are trying to communicate with has rejected the communication (failed). This is very rare and would only ever show intermittently. Consistent errors indicate that "something" (AV, Anti-Spam, Firewall) is stopping communication between Easy Email Forwarding and the server. EEF has successfully reached the server but the servers response has not reached EEF. There is nothing I can do to help with this other than suggest you try disabling each piece of software and your firewall in turn to try and pin-point what is stopping the communication and of course re-iterate that EEF must have the rights to do what it needs to do! Consistent 10061 errors are not a EEF error but rather something very localised to your setup.

Easy Email Forwarding tells me mail has been forwarded but it doesn't turn up in my other account?
I would recommend that you tick the "Backup" option when first using EEF. This will ensure no mail is actually lost until you have confirmed your settings are correct. It is very rare for mail not to turn up at all, recently e-mail around the world in general is taking longer to arrive due to the increased amount of spam/virus traffic. Give it some time and of course remember to check your SPAM folder.

EEF tells me mail has been forwarded but it doesn't turn up in my GMail account?
GMail actively filters mail for certain attachments. If one is found then the mail is rejected. This can cause an error e-mail to appear in the original account (with the attachment still attached) which EEF then tries to forward, it's a horrible circle. In order to resolve this the error e-mail must be manually deleted from the originating account. It should also be noted that GMail will only allow one copy of a message to be stored. If you send an email from your GMail account to an account that is then forwarded back to your GMail account then only the original sent mail will be kept.

How do I delete one of my accounts?
From the accounts screen select which account you want to remove from the drop down list of available accounts. Click on the trash icon. Confirm that you wish to delete this account.

When I forward on a lot of messages to a GMail account why don't they show in the order they were sent?
GMail orders messages in the order in which it receives them, this is different to most other mail systems which display the messages by the date/time contained within the message. Easy Email Forwarding always forwards messages in the order provided by the mail server (normally oldest first) and maintains the original messages date/time stamp but depending on many factors the order in which they arrive at the destination can vary. If you look at your GMail messages in a mail client other than a browser your messages will then appear in the correct order.

Isn't Easy Email Forwarding just GetMail For Hotmail with a few interface changes?
I wish! Microsoft's decision to withdraw WebDAV access meant that a huge amount of the working behind the GetMail application had to be written from scratch, hence the new name. The interface has for the most part stayed the same because of the amount of time that was required to get the new functionality working. At some point in the future Easy Email Forwarding will get a new interface to help differentiate it from the old software.