ICU Free Child Monitoring Software

Still As Good In 2019 As It Was In 2007 When It Was First Released!
Now At Version 2.97, Rolling Monitoring, Program Capture and fully compatible with the latest 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems!

ICU is the perfect software solution to help you monitor your children's unaccompanied computer activity, whether it is online or offline. There are certain things as parents that we would all prefer our kids not to get involved in, ICU can help you with this. Maybe the biggest fear we have is how our children use the internet, ICU is ideal if you are looking for internet monitoring software. The software works by capturing images of EXACTLY what your child is seeing on the screen at that moment in time. Once enough images have been captured they will be emailed to you so that you can review them. This passive approach allows your children to use the computer and the internet to its full potential but at the same time allowing you to know what they are up to. Are they random friend surfing on Facebook? Are they talking to strangers on one of the many anonymous chat platforms? Are they looking at porn? Are they involved in Cyber Bullying? By giving you this insight into your child's computer activity you have the power to act accordingly. Version 2.0 included even more monitoring features. The new rolling monitoring function captures activity every 20 seconds, allowing you to review activity as a slide show from the custom activity viewer. ICU also now includes the option of including the programs that are running in the e-mailed activity report.

Main Child Monitoring Features

  • You decide which users you want to monitor
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Email Monitoring
  • Web Page Monitoring
  • Offline Monitoring
  • 20 Second rolling monitoring with slide show viewer
  • Running programs capture
  • The option of running in Stealth (no icon) or Visible mode
  • You set the activity capture interval
  • No need to use your child's computer to view activity (e-mail monitoring only)
  • You decide how often you would like an e-mail to be sent
  • Various image qualities for those with slower internet connections
  • Smart monitoring, no activity is captured when the screen saver is active
  • Fully password protected against tampering
  • Optional anti CTRL+Alt+Del functionality
  • Parent friendly and very easy to use!
  • Extremely Resource Light, You'll Not Find A Monitoring Solution That Uses Less Of Your Computers Resources! - Perfect if your children use Netbook style computers
  • Completely Free! (Although if you want to thank us you can use the TrialPay link at the top of the page)

System Requirements

In order to install and run ICU Child Monitoring Software you will need the following:-

  • A 32-Bit/64-Bit Windows Based PC (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 recommended) - Not MAC or Linux
  • Version 4 or better of the .net framework installed (available for download here)
  • Access to an administrator level account on the PC you wish to monitor (for installation and changing settings only)
  • An internet connection (ADSL or better recommended) for e-mailing activity reports
  • An e-mail account to receive activity reports (We recommend GMail)

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