Why I Think Gmail Is Brilliant!

Who has more than 1 webmail account? Most people I guess, usually because one is missing a "vital" feature that some other provider has, you invariably end up accumulating various accounts. I first got a Gmail account a long time ago, I was one of the first testers when invites were like gold dust. Even so, besides huge storage it was pretty featureless, I felt the need to keep my other accounts. Now GMail has really started to kick in with some killer features it's not the case anymore, GMail is my main account, I use GetMail to get all my other accounts into GMail but i'm sure eventually i'll just have my Gmail account. Here are some of the great features:-

  • Free POP Access - This was the decider for me, access from any e-mail client for FREE. Even better is the fact that unlike most paid POP services they are using the option of SSL. Some people would like IMAP (if you understood how IMAP works and the server load that would be generated I can fully understand why they don't offer it, at least for now). However, simply use your Gmail settings to keep mail on the server and you'll end up with a local copy n your mail client and still have a persistent copy via webmail. Also messages sent via your e-mail client are stored in the webmail Sent Items. Works for me.
  • Conversations - I'm sure they are not the first to try this but the implementation is brilliant.
  • Rich Editing - You now have the ability to use some new snazzy rich text formatting features including fonts, bullets, colours, and highlighting.
  • Thumbnails for image attachments - Got a slow internet connection? Rather than blocking images altogether GMail provides a thumbnail for you see if you REALLY want that picture?
  • The Storage - Mine is currently at 2150MB and growing daily, will I ever fill that? No.
There are tonnes of other features. If you are convinced that Gmail is the way to go but don't have an account please send an e-mail to gmailinvite@e-eeasy.com and as long as i've got some available (I usually do) i'll send you one. This will be on a first come first served basis and you may have to wait a day or 2 for me to process your application.

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