How to Configure Extra Accounts To Be Forwarded With GetMail

GetMail has evolved, it started as something that was very simple, now it is very complicated. Unfortunately software made this way can sometimes fail in the user interface department. The biggest criticism of the program is how difficult it is to set up extra accounts (Hotmail/MSN/POP3) to be forwarded. The final plan is to have this changed over to a wizard style interface but I have no timeline for this at the moment. There is too much information here to put onto the FAQ page so I figured i'd do a quick article to explain the best way to go about forwarding multiple accounts with GetMail.

First things first, you will find the extra accounts settings by clicking the button to the right of the Hotmail Account: option on the main settings form.

  1. Once displayed the first thing you should do is enter the account which you wish to have forwarded into the Account field.
  2. The next step is very very important, you MUST select an Account Type (ideally the correct one, Hotmail for Hotmail or MSN).
  3. Enter the password for the account you are forwarding mail from and then click the Save button.
  4. You should now close this form and re-open it from the main settings page.
  5. Select your new account from the drop down list.
  6. At this point please make sure that the Account Type you selected before is still selected, there is an occasional bug that can cause the account type setting to be lost.
  7. It is now just a case of going through each of the available options and filling in as appropriate. Only settings that are needed will be available (any options not needed will be greyed out).
  8. When you are happy with your settings remember to click the Save button to store your final settings.
  9. You can now test your settings by returning to the main form and clicking the Check For New Mail button.

Hopefully the above makes some sense and will help you to forward on your many mail accounts. I think the main problem people have (totally understandable) is the bug that stops the account type being saved initially. I'll have it cracked when I get the time to look at it properly but it happens so hit and miss that it's hard to track.