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GetMail For Hotmail Frequently Asked Questions

Does GetMail work with Proxy servers?
As from version 2.5 Getmail is compatible with SOCKS proxy servers.

I get the error "Could Not Load SSL Library"?
In order to use POP and/or SMTP over SSL you will need to download 2 extra DLL files and save them in your GetMail directory. They are available from a couple of places including intelicom and Failing that a Google search for "Indy SSL DLL download" should help.

The 2 files you need are ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll contained in the zip package

My Hotmail account has required me to login using a "Match the characters" combination and no mail is forward until I unlock it?
This is rare and is part of Microsofts anti-spam policy. Whilst there is no definitive answer to solving this users have reported that the following steps may help:-

  • Reduce the junk email protection to low.
  • Change your password to a password that is considered "secure" by Hotmail.
  • Change the poll for mail to more than 1 hour.

No messages are forwarded and I get socket errors in the errorlog.txt?
This is NOT a fault with GetMail but rather is down to 1 of 2* things:-

1. If it is only from time to time then there is a problem with the server you are trying to reach i.e. it is temporary down, has timed out etc. In all honesty if you sat there refreshing a web application all day from time to time you will get a timeout of some sort.

2. If it is constant there is a problem with your network configuration. Errors like code 11004 mean that the server can not be reached so look at your router/network/firewall/anti-spam/anti-virus settings. Ensure that GetMail has the rights to do what it needs to do!

* If something has changed which stops GetMail for Hotmail from working across the board then i'll be aware of it.

I get an index out of bounds error!
Some e-mails are formatted in a totally non-standard way and cause the forwarding process to fail, GetMail doesn't just accept what is thrown at it because a lot of the header information has to be played with so that the forwarding looks fairly discreet; I fix a load of these issues with every new release. 99.9% of these problems are caused by rubbish bulk mailing generated spam messages.
You should be able to see which e-mail is causing the issue by how far GetMail gets through that account i.e. look at the status window to see how many messages it says have been forwarded. You will then have to manually delete/forward the offending mail from that account. The main problem at the moment seems to be e-mails with very long urls in them. These types of error are being fixed all the time!

I've downloaded GetMail for Hotmail but no mail appears to be forwarded (0 messages), what does redirect blocked mean?
Some Ad-Blockers etc will stop GetMail from working. This is because the first reponse from the Hotmail servers is a redirection that some software blocks. If you are not running this type of software then you must make sure that you have entered your correct hotmail address, correct hotmail password and correct forward to address. If these 3 are correct and you still have WebDAV access (see above) there is no reason for GetMail to not forward on mail. If you are sure there are correct check the errorlog.txt file in the install directory.

GetMail appears to ignore some of my mail?
As from version 3 GetMail keeps a list of all e-mail that is "handled". Any mail that appears in this list is subsequently ignored if GetMail comes across it again. If an error causes the e-mail to remain in the source account BUT you would like GetMail to deal with it again then you only have 1 real option. I would suggest deleting the Already_Handled.ini file which will reset the list of messages that GetMail has "handled". Version 3.1 will recognise that something went wrong and remove the e-mail from the list of "handled" messages.

GetMail + FreePOPS + Custom E-mail Domains

WebDAV is still working, Microsoft change their mind.

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