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GetMail For Hotmail Frequently Asked Questions

I've checked my Errorlog.txt and I get consistent Error Code 10061 warnings?
Error 10061 means 1 of 2 things is occuring. Either firstly the server you are trying to communicate with has rejected the communication (failed). This is very rare and would only ever show intermittently. Consistent errors indicate that "something" (AV, Anti-Spam, Firewall) is stopping communication between GetMail and the server. GetMail for Hotmail has successfully reached the server but the servers response has not reached GetMail. There is nothing I can do to help with this other than suggest you try disabling each piece of software and your firewall in turn to try and pin-point what is stopping the communication and of course re-iterate that GetMail must have the rights to do what it needs to do! Consistent 10061 errors are not a GetMail software error but rather something very localised to your setup.

What ports do I need to have open on my firewall?
GetMail acts as a client only. A port number greater than 1024 will automatically be assigned to each session. If you are using a software firewall the best way to handle this is to allow GetMail to access the internet in the firewalls program control. Here is a guide on doing this with Microsofts Personal Firewall, most other software firewalls offer similar functionality.

GetMail only appears to poll for mail sporadically/not at all?
As from v2.4 a new option was added to the interface called "Ask To Poll". If this is not checked then the GetMail settings page has to be closed in order for GetMail to poll. If it is checked then when the settings page is visible GetMail will flash up a prompt to ask if it can check for new messages. The timing between polls can be out slightly (by seconds) depending on the load on your CPU.

I've ticked the box but it still doesn't poll?
Check your computers short date format. The format for month should only contain 2 M's i.e. MM and not 3 i.e. MMM. Short date formats with an abbreviated month (Jan,Feb,Mar) are not compatible with GetMail.

GetMail tells me mail has been forwarded but it doesn't turn up in my other account?
I would recommend that you tick the "Backup" option when first using GetMail for Hotmail. This will ensure no mail is actually lost until you have confirmed your settings are correct. It is very very rare for mail not to turn up at all, recently e-mail around the world in general is taking longer to arrive due to the increased amount of spam/virus traffic. On the odd occasion an incorrectly formatted spam mail may cause the mail forwarding process to fail. In this case you will have to manually delete the offending mail from the account. The message number can be found by looking in the Errorlog.txt file.

GetMail tells me mail has been forwarded but it doesn't turn up in my GMail account?
GMail activly filters mail for certain attachments. If one is found then the mail is rejected. This can cause an error e-mail to appear in the original account (with the attachment still attached) which GetMail then tries to forward, it's a horrible circle. In order to resolve this the error e-mail must be manually deleted from the originating account. It should also be noted that GMail will only allow one copy of a message to be stored. If you send an email from your GMail account to an account that is then forwarded back to your GMail account then only the orginal sent mail will be kept.

How do I delete one of my extra accounts?
From the extra accounts screen select which account you want to remove from the drop down list of available accounts. Click on the trash icon. Confirm that you wish to delete this account.

When I forward on a lot of messages to a GMail account why don't they show in the order they were sent?
GMail orders messages in the order in which it receives them, this is different to most other mail systems which display the messages by the date/time contained within the message. GetMail for Hotmail always forwards messages in the order provided by the mail server (normally oldest first) and maintains the original messages date/time stamp, but depending on many factors the order in which they arrive at the destination can vary. If you look at your GMail messages in a mail client other than a browser your messages will then appear in the correct order.

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