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High Value Adsense Phrases List

Welcome to our free list of High Value Adsense phrases. Google Adsense is widely regarded as one of the best ways of making money from a website and the returns for website publishers with high quality websites can be very good. As well as this the advertising model on which Adsense is built pays very well for advertisers as well. The Google Adwords program is seen as the premier way of directing targeted traffic to your website, yes you have to pay for the traffic but it is so highly targeted that most websites that sell a service or product could benefit substantially from the Adwords program. Our list of high value Adsense phrases has been built over several years (5 in fact) and spans several online markets.

The best way to take advantage of these phrases is to re-align your page content to perhaps include 1 or 2 related high value phrases. As an Adsense publisher this then gives you the best chance of earning money from these phrases. The list may also give you some ideas as to which content markets it's worth going into. Or perhaps as an Adwords Advertiser which are best to avoid!

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plasma tv 3.24
snow tires 7.82
tai chi 1.16
student loan consolidation program 52.37
search engine optimization michigan 10.43
fly to mexico 1.17
microsoft outlook 2.27
settlement loan 35.4
louisiana lawyer 5.97
Download Music for Free Online 1.59
ipods 1.89
stainless tiles 2.83
asbestos lung 25.76
low rate mortgage 20.43
lasik chicago 20.68

If you have any valuable Adsense phrases that you'd like adding to the list then please feel free to contact us with the details.