Hotmail Users Switching To GMail

Having been a Hotmail user for years and a GMail users for months I was surprised recently to discover that there are still a lot of people who are not aware that GMail even exists never mind the advantages that it holds over the other webmail systems. A lot of my more tech-savvy friends have already switched from Hotmail to Gmail, all of our e-mail is handled via Gmail but what about the normal man on the street? For example my daughter recently did an address swap with some new friends that she had made, her address was a Gmail account but all of her friends were using Hotmail and had no idea that anything other than Hotmail even existed!

Well, the result of a study I read recently reveal that roughly 50 percent of customers switching to Gmail came from a Hotmail address each month. Only approximately 28 percent being from a Yahoo Mail account. Just who are these users that are switching? My experiences tell me that it is the tech-heads who are changing, hopefully when the word of GetMail spreads Joe average may think about making that change safe in the fact the joining Hotmail users who switch can be made easy. For my own part I am doing all I can to spread the word of GMail and have told my daughter to invite her friends. With the release of Google talk the final excuse for holding onto Hotmail (the perception that it is tied with MSN Messenger) has gone.

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