Legally Watch Live Football Online - Totally Legal Football Streams

For the past 5 years there have been many ways of watching live football streams over the internet. Most of these have involved the use of Peer-To-Peer applications (such as SOPCast, TVAnts, TVUPlayer etc). Whilst there is no doubt that the software itself is perfectly legal there have been various questions asked over the years about the legality of the live football streams themself. On several occasions lawyers have tried to chase various websites that aren't even broadcasting football games, instead simply linking to the streams. This is totally against the spirit of the internet, if anybody should be chased it should be those responsible for uploading/broadcasting the matches without prior permission. With this in mind a percentage of the population are probably unwilling to give these football streams a go and so are missing out on lots of live football action that may not be available in their country. If this is you then the good news is that there is now a way of watching live football online without any legal concerns.

Watching Live Football - Online Bookmakers Step Up To The Plate

Several online bookmakers have seen the popularity of live sports streams and decided to offer their own services. Besides football you will also find several other popular sports.

Bet365 Live Sports Streams

For the pricely sum of nothing (it's totally free) Bet365 will allow you to watch legal streams of Football, Tennis, Basketball and even Premier League Darts! The only requirement is that you sign up for an account, there is no need to bet to watch, you don't even need to have a balance in your account. Just sign up with Bet365 and they'll let you watch for free! The quality of the live streams through Bet365 is second to none, it really is top quality viewing (with English commentary) for nothing.

Betfair Live Sports Streams

Besides offering the best odds on the internet Betfair are also proud to present live football for free! All you need to watch streams via Betfair is a Betfair account (which is free). The football on offer includes the Italian Serie A, UEFA Cup, most international friendlies and the Portugese Superliga. More football is being added to the Betfair line up all the time so it's well worth getting an account even if the match you want isn't in that list. On top of the football Betfair also stream live tennis, snooker basketball and the largest number of horse races that I've ever found online. Remember all of this is completely free to Betfair members, get your Betfair account now!

Bwin Live Sports Streams

European bookmaker BWin were no slouches on jumping on the live streaming bandwagon. Whilst Bet365 concentrate on a diversity of sports BWin prefer to concentrate on football, offering live football action from the major leagues all over Europe and well as the European competitions. BWin ask a little bit more from you than Bet365 in that you must have a positive balance in your account but that requirement doesn't mean that you have to bet on a match to watch. Once again the actual streams are top quality and many people would argue far superior to the P2P programs.

So there you have it, 3 totally legal ways of watching live football streams online.