After a bit of a "debate" at work about the jobs men and women should do around the house in which I was accused of being a chauvenist I decided to turn to the fountain of all knowledge. Unfortunately, Google had nothing to give, so... I decided to compile a list of mens and womens jobs. When you are newly married all this stuff can be a bit confusing!

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Description Who's Job Is It? Who's To Blame If It Goes Wrong?
Anything involving a hammer or drill Him Him
Anything remotely difficult Him Him
Anything that involves going somewhere to spend money first Her Him
Anything with the car Him Him
Asking a bloke to do something they can't do and then by osmosis instantly becoming a world renowned authority on the subject and telling him how to do it as well! Her Him
Being a figure of authority because they just laugh at mum Him Him
Being in charge of and responsible for absolutely everything that goes tits up at a moments notice regardless if whether you were actually in the country at the time or not Him Him
Being the person they just have to talk to when match of the day is on…no other time will do e.g. when corrie, eastenders, desperate housewives, or whatever banal strain of emotional pornography they are hooked on is playing Him Him
Building the shed Him Him
Buying birthday presents Her Him
Buying toilet paper Her Him
Changing shitty nappies Her Him
Checking the front door is closed when you have just gone to bed Him Him
Choosing paint Her Him
Cleaning Her Him
Clearing blocked pipes Him Him
Cookery Her Him
Cutting in Him Him
Discipline with the household Him Him
DIY Him Him
Encourage her husband in his jobs and give him a kick up the arse if necessary Her Him
Following missus when pushing trolley and using herculean self control not to kill her when she meets someone she knows, starts to have a gossip and with her spare hand holds onto the trolley su you have to stand there as well Him Him
Getting as assortment of spiders, bees, wasps out of the house/bath/bedroom Him Him
Getting chocolates/tea for the little lady when the marines have landed Him Him
Glossing Him Him
Ironing Her Him
Knocking stuff down Him Him
Lifting heavy stuff Him Him
Make his wife happy! Him Him
Mowing the lawn Him Him
Painting Him Him
Party planning Her Him
Phoning SKY Him Him
Planning kids parties Her Him
Planting flowers Her Him
Pushing the trolley around your local store Him Him
Putting the bin (trash) out Him Him
Remembering anniversaries Her Him
Sanding Him Him
Strimmers lawn edges Him Him
Take kids to their friends parties Her Him
Teaching the kids"rough" stuff - especially anti-gay skills for boys Him Him
To act as a social secretary for the kids Her Him
To be happy! Her Him
Undercoating Him Him
Vacuming Him Him
Washing Her Him
Wasting money Her Him

Much appreciation and thanks to Tim, Michael and my lovely Suzanne for the jobs!