Webpage Search Optimisation

There are many off-the-page factors that affect search engine ranking and your search visibility. Two of the most important relate to the number/type of links that link to your page and secondly the content of the rest of your website and how it is linked together.

WHO LINKS TO YOU, WHO DO YOU LINK TO? - Links are what make the WWW (World Wide Web) work, the web part relates to the linking of relating documents (pages) that allow a browser to pass from one website to another. Search engines also like to take advantage of these links to help build their indexes (the huge list of web pages from which the search results are gathered). As a general rule the more pages that link to your page the better, however this rule can be over simplified. Thanks to the abuse of this system by link spammers there now "bad neighbourhoods" when it comes to linking. Obviously you can't affect who links to you and it would be unfair for a search engine to penalise you because of who is linking to you, however, the easiest way of building links to your pages and site is to swap links. This is where you can get into trouble, you MUST make sure that the page/site that are linking to is not in one of these bad neighbourhoods. Try to avoid link directories (web sites that contain little if any original content) and be sure to check out the Google Page Rank of your link partner.

YOUR SITE STRUCTURE - The larger a website gets the more organised its structure needs to be, if it's possible for a user to get lost then it is also possible that the search engine may give up when checking out your site. Most sites should consider a site-map as essential, the only reason not to have a site-map is if every page can be accessed from every other page on your site. This "flat" (or single level) structure can be easily followed by the search engines. But why is it important that the search engines know about the rest of your site? Whilst search engines rank each page individually they also like to get an overview of what the site is about and this is where you site structure helps. If your site has more than 1 level then you need a site-map, by building your site around a bunch of closely related keywords you have the best chance of having high search engine visibility.

Of course there are other factors that influence where your page appears in the search results but keeping an eye on the above should help your websites search engine visibility.

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