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SMTP When Travelling, Send E-mails When Travelling

If there is one thing and one thing only that writing GetMail has taught me, it's that a huge amount of people have problems with SMTP! Most don't know what it is, of those who know what SMTP is a large percentage certainly don't know their correct settings. It's such a strange thing, especially considering so many of us rely on e-mail as part of our modern lives, be it at home, work or especially when travelling. SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the thing, THE THING, that allows us to both send and receive e-mails over the internet, without SMTP we don't really have e-mail.

A large amount of the blame for this SMTP ignorance has to be handed to ISPs. An ever growing number of ISPs hide their SMTP settings away, encouraging us to use their webmail interface instead (and hence flash their adverts in front of us). If you are used to the benefits of an e-mail client like Outlook then I'm afraid the average webmail interface just doesn't compete. Beyond this some ISP's are doing something even worse, they block access to their SMTP server unless we use their (our) internet connection. How is that fair? We pay for a service and they only apply such strict rules that we can't actually use it. If you've ever travelled on business with a laptop and tried to send e-mail you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Your laptop which works fine when connected to your home or office network now suddenly refuses to send e-mail. If you experience this then the chances are that your ISP is blocking access to their SMTP server. It doesn't have to be your laptop, your PDA, Blackberry or mobile phone can all suffer from this problem. But what can you do?

Well you could phone your ISP and scream at them for not providing access to their SMTP server, no doubt they'll just quote a load of security nonsense and fob you off. However, there is a solution. There are a number of companies out there that can make SMTP when travelling much easier. They operate SMTP servers that will allow you to quickly and easily send e-mails from your own personal and business e-mail addresses no matter how you are connected to the internet. All you need is internet access. Perhaps the cheapest of these is a company called SMTP2Go. For as little as $1.99 a month they will make the e-mail life of the average traveller so much easier by providing SMTP settings that will work from anywhere. If you are technically proficient and know exactly what you are doing then there is a work around, you could setup your own SMTP server on your computer (this does present a lot of security risks) but for the average user a service like SMTP2Go can make SMTP a very simple thing when you are travelling. If you don't like the idea of paying a fee only to use SMTP then there is also the option of hosting, for less than $5 a month you can buy hosting that not only gives you your own website but also allows you to host your own e-mail SMTP server, this can be used to send from your existing addresses as well as your new addresses.