Common British Garden Birds

The Robin

The National Bird and a common favourite, the Robin is easily recognised by most people.
The Robin is a plump bird with bright red breast, throat, and cheeks edged with grey, a white belly, and olive-brown upper parts.
In the winter, resident birds are joined by immigrants from the continent; these Robins are paler than ours, have a duller red breast. The immigrants are also generally less tame because they skulk in woodlands, only British Robins are a tame garden bird.

The Blue Tit

The blue tit is an acrobatic and inquisitive bird; these traits have enabled it to exploit unusual food sources, for example by obtaining milk by pecking at milk-bottle tops on doorsteps. Furthermore, they are usually the first birds to find and use feeders put out in gardens, a trait which has greatly endeared them to the public. During summer they feed mainly on invertebrates, but switch to seeds and other food sources during winter when insects are scarce.
This small tit has yellow underparts, with a narrow, dark central stripe on the belly, blue wings and a white face, which is crowned with blue and streaked with a dark eye-stripe. The sexes are similar, although females are often somewhat duller than males.

If you want to find out more about the birds you are watching have a look at the British Garden Birds site, if contains detailed information on all of the most common british birds some of which you should see here.