Forwarding Your Windows Live Hotmail After Microsoft Replace WebDAV With DeltaSynch

In the early hours of this morning I received a message from the Outlook Express team at Microsoft that many have been waiting for. The WebDAV protocol that so many Hotmail / Windows Live Hotmail users rely on to access their e-mail messages is being withdrawn as from the 30th June 2008. Instead WebDAV is to be replaced with yet another proprietary protocol that goes by the name of DeltaSynch. Once again Windows Live Hotmail / Legacy Hotmail users are faced with the problem of how to access their e-mail messages if they don't want to use either of Microsofts own mail clients (it's a fact that lots of people just don't like the resource hungry Outlook and Windows Live Mail applications).

Windows Live Hotmail Access Options

As Microsoft will not support the industry standard open protocols for e-mail access (POP3, IMAP4) it leaves Microsofts e-mail users with few options for accessing their e-mail away from the web.

  1. Download and install the Windows Live Mail e-mail client, only available for XP and Vista computers.
  2. If you have Outlook download the Outlook Mail Connector for Windows Live Hotmail accounts, only available for XP and Vista computers.
  3. Download FreePOPS, this handy free utility acts as a POP3 proxy for Windows Live Hotmail accounts giving you access (all be it not supported by Microsoft) to your account from any mail client.

It is worth noting that even though Microsoft class the open protocols such as POP3 as not suitable for their fancy new Windows Live Hotmail platform, if you are willing to pay for a premium account they do give you POP3 access. Personally I would have thought that giving you the non suitable protocol (POP3) with an option of paying for the more efficient system (DeltaSynch) would have made more sense? Unless of course it has nothing to do with suitability and much more to do with restricting people who access their Hotmail e-mail to users who have the latest Microsoft operating system and e-mail clients.

Windows Live Hotmail E-mail Forwarding

In order for your Windows Live Hotmail messages to be forwarded access is required to your account. In short the following e-mail forwarding options will be available after the 30th of June:-

  1. Windows Live Hotmail built in forwarding - this only allows you to forward messages to another Windows Live Hotmail account and doesn't help with accessing your messages outside of the Windows Live Hotmail system
  2. For people with Hotmail premium accounts, use GetMail for Hotmail with POP3. A paid Windows Live Hotmail account has POP3 access, GetMail for Hotmail can use this to access your messages and forward them.
  3. For all free/paid accounts you can still use GetMail for Hotmail combined with FreePOPS to forward your Windows Live Hotmail messages to as many recipients as you like.

So you can see that GetMail for Hotmail will still work, the only problem is that the built in WebDAV supported accounts will no longer function, you will need to download FreePOPS and use the alternative access method instead. Because of these changes the GetMail for Hotmail program will change. Immediate changes ready for soon after the 30th of June will include direct mail forwarding (messages will be forwarded with no changes to the headings) and better support for forwarding from multiple mail folders using FreePOPS. As Windows Live Hotmail moves forward so will the GetMail for Hotmail application ensuring that it remains at the top of the pile when it comes to Windows Live Hotmail E-Mail Forwarding.