Forwarding Hotmail, How To Move Your Messages

Microsoft has very recently announced a new addition to Windows Live Hotmail, after years of being asked they will finally let you forward on your e-mail to another e-mail account. Unfortunately it has to be another Hotmail account but it's better than nothing!

When I first wrote GetMail for Hotmail you were extremely limited in how you could access your Hotmail e-mail messages but nowadays there are a few more options. I suppose it's about time I explained some of them and who they are best suited for.

Windows Live Hotmail Forwarding ñ Microsofts built-in solution for mail forwarding will only allow you to forward messages to another Hotmail account so this isn't very good if you are trying to get away from Hotmail. On the other hand if you are simply wishing to consolidate multiple Hotmail accounts then it's a great solution.

GetMail For Hotmail - The free version of GetMail has been around since 2003 and to date has been downloaded close to 3,000,000 times. GetMail for Hotmail is perfect if you're based from one PC and wish to gather your mail from multiple accounts (including Hotmail, POP3 and many other with the help of FreePOPS) into 1 single account for you to check. It's an ideal partner for GMail. The main limitation being that the software has to be running in order for your mail to be forwarded.

GetMail Evolution - The new paid version of GetMail was a major re-write of the mail forwarding engine. It's only been around for a few months but has been well received. Major changes compared to GetMail for Hotmail include forwarding without changing the original message header and the ability to run the program from a portable media device. This combined with an automatic backup made it the ideal tool for the business user on the move.

Forward America - Probably the best solution for any new business trying to escape the clutches of a @Hotmail e-mail address. Once setup is complete any new mail is forwarded every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nobody likes doing business with a Hotmail account, in order to at least look professional get your own domain name. Forward America makes this switching from free e-mail to your own domain a simple process for all Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo and many more users, all this for under $50 a year.