Earn Money Whilst Searching The Internet

I guess many of us dream of making money by doing nothing? You know the idea, being paid to walk, breath, get out of bed? Well whilst you currently can't get paid for any of them you can now earn money by searching the internet! Yep, that's right, all you have to do is search the internet as you normally would, but instead of the big players like Google, Yahoo and MSN keeping all the money you can get your share.

The internet search market is huge, Pay-Per-Click advertising (otherwise know as the sponsored ads at the side) is rapidly becoming the largest marketing spend for most businesses. A UK based company called My Search Funds wants to get you a piece of that action. By searching using their search bar (easily installed with a single click to either Firefox or IE7) they will give you a 50% share of the advertising money that they make. In real terms this means being paid about 3 pence (over 5 cents) for each search that you do. Whilst this doesn't sound a lot think about how many times you use the search engines during the day, every day? Besides this really is being paid for nothing!

In order to make even more money My Search Funds also operate an affiliate program. This means that if you can get your friends to sign up with their service you'll also earn 10% of what your friends earn, a percentage of their friends and finally a percentage of their friends.

What About Pop-up Ads or Spyware?

I've been using this for several months now and there are no ads pop-ups etc I've checked what the toolbar is reporting and it's nothing more than your search data i.e. the number of searcher you do and what you are searching for. In my opinion this is 100% safe and ad-ware/spyware free. If you are worried about your search results then don't, My Search Funds uses a meta search of all the big players ensuring that the results you see are at least as good and accurate as Googles.

So There Are No Downsides?

In short no. From my experience you really are just being paid for what most of us do dozens of times every day anyway, searching the net. Until I can find a way for being paid to breath then My Search Funds is the next best thing! To find out more and to get yourself signed up please visit My Search Funds.

Update - We know that My Search Funds are no more, however a new service now exists called SwagBucks that allows you to collect "Swagbucks" for doing searches which can then be redeemed for rewards including cash into your Paypal account. You can sign up for SwagBucks by following this link.