Easy Way To Migrate From Yahoo Mail To Gmail

The Easy Way To Migrate From Yahoo Mail To Gmail

Move Your Mail From Yahoo To Gmail

Having had my Gmail account for quite a while now, not to mention having given quite a few invitations out as well I have seen the question “How do I move my mail from Yahoo to Gmail?” asked quite a few times. In fact a quick Google search brings up plenty of examples in various groups and forums. Well I’ve done it, and more to the point perhaps, my old Yahoo mail is still arriving in my new Gmail account, the joys of GetMail!

In order to do this you will need 2 separate programs:-

Believe it or not it’s then quite easy to follow, for YPPOPS:-

  1. Open up YPOPS configuration
  2. Email Preferences > Receiving Email > Check download from Inbox and Bulk Mail folders
  3. Email Preferences > Receiving Email > Set a maximum number of e-mails to download at a time (I use 25)
  4. Email Preferences > Receiving Email > Select download all emails
  5. Advanced Preferences > Security > Select “Secure transmission using MD5”
  6. Advanced Preferences > Network > Use IP address and Port 110
  7. Miscellaneous > Play with these as you like, personally I hide everything and start with Windows

And then for GetMail:-

  1. Mail Settings > Enter your Hotmail Account Details, if you don’t have a Hotmail account enter any old rubbish – but you must enter something
  2. Mail Settings > Check “Run At Startup”, uncheck “Filter Spam” and “Ask To Poll”, set a polling interval (I use 5 mins)
  3. Mail Settings > Extra Account Setup > Enter your Yahoo e-mail address, password and “Account Type” of “Other POP”, Check “Full Address” – Click “Save” and close window
  4. Mail Settings > Extra Account Setup > Select your Yahoo account, enter “Forward To:” as your Gmail account, enter and 110 as your POP server and port
  5. Mail Settings > Extra Account Setup > Enter valid SMTP details, you should be able to get these from your ISP
  6. Mail Settings > Extra Account Setup > Check the “Delete” option to remove the original emails from Yahoo (Optional)
  7. Mail Settings > Extra Account Setup > Click “Save” and close all GetMail configuration windows

So thats it really, leave GetMail and YPOPS running and 25 e-mails will be forwarded every 5 minutes from Yahoo Mail to GMail (This could take a little time depending on how much mail you have in your account). Once all your old mail has been moved you may wish to change the option in point 4 to “download only unread mail”. The best bit is from now on any mail received in your old account will be forwarded on to your GMail account meaning that you should never have to manually check your old account again. Enjoy!

Some Useful Migration Links

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