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Secure Email – Protect Your Company

Is Encrypted Email Worth It?

Perhaps your idea of protecting your e-mail is to ask your employees not to say anything in a message that would reveal your company’s deepest darkest secrets or maybe greatest plans! Or perhaps you’re already using more sophisticated practices than this. In either case, there is innovative technology to encrypt and manage your employees’ e-mail in ways your employees otherwise couldn’t or wouldn’t.

While encryption isn’t a perfect barrier against e-mails ever being read by untrusted people, it’s definitely called for in situations where your communications are intended for a small group of people who you need to know have received the message. Remember, secure email is important!

Luckily for you, there are many innovative solutions that are making it a lot easier to secure your e-mail communications both internally and externally.

Sec-Ex Mail – Strong encryption that works with any e-mail client, no plugins needed.

Securenym – Provides outsourced secure e-mail to businesses as well as individual mail accounts, supports PGP & s/mime.

HushMail Secure Email – Web-based secure email.

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