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SMTP SERVICE NO LONGER AVAILABLE – We stopped offering our SMTP server service when Hotmail made a server available. However if you need a SMTP server to use that isn’t GEO restricted or limited to certain internet service providers then we still recommend the SMTP2Go service. For a few dollars a month you’ll be able to send e-mails no matter where in the world you are and no matter what device you are using.

Unless you have an old or paid for Hotmail account you will need a SMTP server in order to forward on your mail with GetMail. This is also true for all POP mail forwarding with GetMail, you will need a SMTP server to forward your mail. Your ISP should be able to provide you with these details but for many users this is not always possible. For those users who are stuck I am now making a SMTP server available for hire. This is a secure SMTP server and you will need authentication details in order to use it.

The cost for this service is £2.50 (GBP) per calendar month. Simply use the subscribe button below and follow the Paypal instructions, please use the “Return To Merchant” option when your payment has completed, you will then be assigned user details. If you experience any problems please send details of your problem to N/A including your Paypal transaction ID.

Please note that this SMTP server is only to be used for the purpose of forwarding your personal e-mails with the GetMail for Hotmail application, any abuse of this service will result in immediate suspension of your account, no refunds will be given under these circumstances

Q: Will this server definately work with the GetMail application?
Yes. The server has been extensively tested, however no guarantees of successful forwarding can be given as a large part of the forwarding service is dependent on the source e-mail and how it conforms to standards.

Q: So if I subscribe are you forwarding my mail for me?
No. You will still need to download and run the GetMail for Hotmail application on your own PC. We are simply providing you with SMTP server details to use.

Q: What if I have problems with GetMail?
Please contact N/A , please be aware though that subscribing to our SMTP server does NOT guarantee support for the GetMail application. The GetMail for Hotmail application is free software and as such support is limited.

Q: Can I use these SMTP server details to send messages from my mail client, Outlook, Thunderbird etc?
The server has been made available for the purpose of helping out GetMail users who are stuck for an SMTP server to forward mail from. However, as long as your use of the server is reasonable and most importantly legal then there should be no problem. Any attempts to use our server for the purpose of spamming or any related activities will result in immediate account suspension.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any point by using the Paypal interface. Login as usual, from the transactions list find your payment to the e-eeasy SMTP subscription service and click details. You can then cancel your subscription.

Q: Is a refund available?
Due to the small amounts involved and the relatively high cost of Paypal fees a refund can only be given if you cancel your subscription within 48 hours of payment being made. If this happens the full monthly amount (minus any paypal fees incurred as part of the original payment) will be refunded to you. Refunds will normally be processed within 48 hours, if you have any problems please contact N/A

Terms & Conditions By subscribing to the above service you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the e-eeasy website and related services as detailed in the Terms & Conditions link below.

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