WinEncrypt USB Encryption

WinEncrypt – Easy Data Encryption – Secure Your USB Drives

Secure Your Mobile Data Storage In 1 Easy Step

WinEncrypt makes it onto my list of highly recommended programs. It’s a very easy to use Encryption program that allows you to create secure drives on your PC. All data on these drives is stored encrypted and you’ll need the password to view the files. However it’s not this functionality that grabbed my attention with WinEncrypt, instead it’s the programs ability to secure a USB drive. As a self employed software developer I keep all my code on a USB drive (for portability) and I have often worried about what would happen if I lost my USB key. WinEncrypt now allows me to completely secure that data in a very simple, efficient way.

Some of WinEncrypt’s main features include:-

  • Easy Setup – Step-By-Step to get your encrypted drive up and running
  • Simple Usage – Works just like any other windows drive, including full drag & drop support
  • No Trace – If WinEncrypt isn’t running there you wouldn’t even know the encrypted drives were there
  • Strong 448 bit Blowfish and 256 bit AES algorithms make your data unreadable
  • Free trial available

In only a matter of weeks I’ve found that WinEncrypt has become a vital tool for me, if you have any data that you consider valuable then I’d strongly recommend that you give WinEncrypt a go. If you carry personal data with you as part of your job (either on a laptop or using portable media) then it is essential that you secure that data, WinEncrypt is the easiest, most cost effective way of doing this that I’ve found.

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