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At its core there are 2 types of people that play the lottery. There are those that like to use a system to generate their lottery numbers (and maximise their chances of winning) and then there are those that prefer to leave things to lady luck. The UK Lottery Generator caters for the second of these by providing you with an incredibly random way of generating your lottery numbers. The only thing we ask is that if you hit the jackpot you remember where you got your numbers from!

This lottery generator creates random numbers, it's as random as the most random thing ever, it is a also very simple to use! With all plans for a Super Casino in the UK being scrapped it looks like the lottery is our best chance of winning big! The lotto generator will pick 6 numbers from 49 and then re-order them, however as with most things the beauty is all in the details. The UK Lottery Generator uses literally thousands of different random calculations for each number it picks, you will be hard pressed to find any software lotto or not that produces more random results (even from Microsofts developers ;-) Primarily for the main UK National lotto lottery game, it even creates a random delay to mimic a ball dropping, but this lotto software can be used for any lotto or lottery game that requires 6 balls from 49. As well as generating random lottery numbers you are also given the option of distributing them via either WAP or e-mail, if you use the WAP option you need never be without your lucky lottery lotto numbers! For those of you interested in current winning UK Lottery numbers there is it will also download and display those winning numbers straight to your desktop, no more hunting and searching the internet for the current winning numbers.

UK Lottery Generator Software

Some of UK Lottery Generator's main features include:-

  • Very random, multiple random seed generation and random time delay between each ball
  • Simple single click a button to generate numbers
  • Get the latest UK National lottery results straight to your desktop without the fuss
  • Distribute your numbers via e-mail or even WAP, never be without your lucky numbers

Using the UK Lottery Generator to generate your lottery numbers is a totally convenient way of ensuring a random selection of numbers that seems far more random that what the lottery's own "lucky dip" seems to pick out.

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