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At its core there are 2 types of people that play the lottery. There are those that like to use a system to generate their lottery numbers (and maximise their chances of winning) and then there are those that prefer to leave things to lady luck. The UK Lottery Generator caters for the second of these by providing you with an incredibly random way of generating your lottery numbers. The only thing we ask is that if you hit the jackpot you remember where you got your numbers from!

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Easy Email Forwarding – Make Managing Your Mail A Breeze

So Who Needs This? – The answer to this is a simple one. Anybody with multiple e-mail accounts that wants to deal with only one account but not expose their passwords to other 3rd party services. Easy Email Forwarding is 100% Free and runs from your own desktop, passwords are saved on your local computer using strong encryption. It allows you to retain full control of your e-mail accounts whilst handling the mail redirection in the background so that you only have to check one.

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