QuickTwit Twitter Client – Instant Twitter Updates From Your PC

Update Twitter With The Fewest Keystrokes Possible

Twitter – it really has taken the internet by storm! When Twitter first started it was a simple service with simple goals, to allow you to follow what your friends and family were doing. Unfortunately (in most people’s opinions) it has been hijacked by the internet marketing gang who now use it for nothing else but promoting products for profit. This had led to direct messaging and the ability to reply, something that was very alien to Twitter.

QuickTwit for your PC is a Twitter Client that takes Twitter back to its roots. It provides you with an instant way of updating your Twitter status, QuickTwit runs in the background and is invisible until you need it. In order to update your Twitter status all you have to do is press the pre-set key combination, type in your status and press enter! That’s it, your Twitter status will then be updated. It doesn’t concern you with complicated interfaces or other social networking features that detract from Twitter, it’s all about you and your status in as simple a manner as possible.

QuickTwit Twitter Client

Some of QuickTwit’s main features include:-

  • Takes up no room on your desktop (it’s invisible until you need it)!
  • Update your Twitter status from your PC without the need to use your mouse
  • Built in URL shortening
  • Completely free to use

For people stuck at a computer all day, who don’t have access to free SMS Twitter updates then QuickTwit is by far the easiest way of keeping your followers up to date with what’s happening in your life.

Download Quick Twit – Twitter Desktop Client

Download QuickTwit PC – Twitter Client – Full Install / Uninstall Support (283KB)
(You’ll need the .net Framework version 4.0 or better)

Quick Twit Quick Start Guide

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