Being Paid To Surf The Internet

Being Paid To Surf The Internet, Must Be Some Sort Of Joke?

Is Agloco Another Fly By Night Website That Offers Rewards For Web Surfing?

Being paid for browsing, surely a joke? Well it seems not.

Agloco is planning on taking advantage of the trends for social networking to make its users some money. The idea is a simple one, you and everyone that is like you is worth money to the many online advertisers, that’s what made a site like uTube so valuable, not the videos themselves but the number of visitors. However when uTube was sold none of this money went back to the people that gave it its worth. Agloco are planning something similar, only they are 100% owned by people like you and me. You earn shares in Agloco by surfing the internet, up to a maximum of 5 hours per month. Agloco make their money in the same way that AOL, Amazon and many other companies do, Google pay them a fee for everybody that clicks one of their adverts through the Agloco view bar application. Instead of Agloco keeping the money they then distribute this to the shareholders, the people doing the browsing, you and me!

Of course with the potential for millions of shareholders your cut could be very small, so this is where the second part of the plan comes in. You refer your friends and get credited for their time that they spend surfing as well. This referral scheme works up to 4 levels (your friends, friends, friends) and so it should be possible to build up a large network of people all earning a greater percentage for you. Whilst it all sounds great, nobody can be quite sure just how successful Agloco will be until it goes live, however for 5 hours a month browsing you really don’t have anything to lose.

You can sign up for your share by going to the Agloco website, it only takes a minute and once you’re signed up you can start referring other people. You’ll receive a link that looks like , just remember to substitute BBDW0343 with your referral code and away you go.

So there you have it, being paid to surf the internet, not a joke but reality, dare you not get in on the action?

Update – Agloco went pear shaped pretty quick, however there is a long term way of making money just from the internet searches you’d normally do. Check out SwagBucks.

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