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E-Eeasy – Submit Your Software

I’m offering the chance to submit your free software for hosting on the e-eeasy website. There are hundreds (Freenet,, TuCows, Winsite etc), if not thousands of software listing sites out there so what makes this one different? Well for a start e-eeasy is not a software listing website, it is the personal website of Paul Barlow. At most there will be 3 or 4 extra pieces of software added to the site from 3rd party authors. I’d prefer it if the software you submit wasn’t being hosting anywhere else on the web at the same time. To get on the e-eeasy website it really is going to have to be something that little bit special, or maybe just different?! This is really for budding freeware writers who have written a utility for themselves that they would now like to have made public, you may know nothing about the freeware scene, software submission, websites or anything else, as long as YOU’VE written the application get in touch!

So what do you get out of it?

  • You get the chance to have your free software hosted on a site that gets over 3000 unique visitors a day, 99% of which are looking for free software to download.
  • A link to your programs home page will be added to every main page on the e-eeasy website (people are not going to have to search a huge directory to find it).
  • Your programs home page will become part of the e-eeasy site. You (optionally) provide the text and i’ll make it look like any other page on the site. No need for you to worry about look and feel and such things!
  • Via SEO techniques your programs home page will be findable using the major search engines including Yahoo and Google.
  • I will create a PAD file and submit your software to hundreds of other freeware listing sites.
  • I will host your program for download, obviously I have limited bandwidth available but it will be my job to manage it.
  • You retain full rights over your software and can choose to remove it as and when you chose.

So what do I get out of it?

  • The chance to host some quality software.
  • More hits to my website meens more downloads of MY software, which makes me happy!
  • More hits means more Google Adds means a better chance of this site ever being able to cover it’s own costs. (I wish!)

If you think you may be interested then drop me a line at just giving some brief details of what you’ve written. I’ll get back in touch and we can go from there.