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Check Mail (GMail) is a very lightweight and easy to use utility allowing you to check for new email in a single GMail account, if you’ve got GMail you need Check Mail (GMail). It is highly customisable allowing you to be notified in a number of ways, a perfect way to check email, giving you the option to then launch any of the mail programs installed on your PC or even the GMail web interface. Check Mail (GMail) has been written with GMail in mind and it is the perfect lightweight addition to those people using GMail with Mozilla Thunderbird.

GMail has excellent IMAP access (a feature very few free e-mail services provide). This allows you to access a single copy of each message stored on their server, it’s a much better system compared to the old POP3 protocol that can often result in multiple copies of the same message being kept. IMAP access with Outlook is very slow, I’ve found that Mozilla Thunderbird is a much quicker and all round more elegant e-mail client solution for using with GMail IMAP. The only problem with Thunderbird is that it takes up space on your taskbar (as well as a fair amount of system memory resources) when left running. CheckMail (GMail) now allows you to close Thunderbird when it’s not being used to read/write mail, simply double clicking the CheckMail (Gmail) icon when new mail arrives will result in Thunderbird (or another mail client of your choice being run). By combining GMail IMAP, with CheckMail (GMail) and Mozilla Thunderbird you have the perfect personal desktop mail solution.

Some of CheckMail (GMail)s main features include:-

  • Don’t like my icons? Use your own!
  • Play a custom new email sound of your choice
  • Optional pop-up alert (just like your favourite mail client)
  • Small program that uses very few system resources
  • The option to launch a webpage and/or an installed full mail client (Perfect for GMail)
  • Discreet (Tray icon) existence

Checking Your GMailCheckMail GMail only uses around 6MB of your system memory.

Thunderbird and GmailWhere as Mozilla Thunderbird uses over 32MB as a minimum.

Outlook and GmailAnd Outlook uses even more!

Why have resource heavy e-mail clients running all the time when all you want is to know when you have new email? Use CheckMail GMail and only run the heavy hitters when you need them i.e. when you have new mail

Download CheckMail Gmail – The GMail New E-mail Alert Program

Download CheckMail (GMail) Full Windows Install/Uninstall Support (856KB)

Please note that the latest version of Checkmail Gmail is only available over at SMTP Software

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