Watching Bet365 Streams Full Screen On PC

How To Go Full Screen With Bet365 Streams On PC

Bet365 still continues to be just about the best source of free quality sports streams available online. Free depending on the state of your Bet365 of course but either way they offer a legal way in to watching a huge amount of sport that otherwise is not broadcast. As many of the other streaming sites/sources/software has disappeared over the years Bet365 still stands there giving away amazing quality streams.

However with their latest website update there is now an issue where you’ll struggle to find listings, but even worse if you’re using a PC you’ll not be able to watch full screen. There are a number of websites that show Bet365 stream listings for various sports (personal favourite is for football, tennis and the horses) but that still leaves the issue of watching a Bet365 stream in full screen on a PC?

How Do You Watch Bet365 Streams In Full Screen?

I’m not sure if there is any specific reason why they stopped included a full screen button, who knows maybe just an oversight? But it can be easily fixed. If you use the Chrome browser on your PC/Mac and press F12 when you have the stream running it will bring up the developer console. Select the “Console” tab if it’s not already selected. Now just copy and the past the following text in to the command line and press return :-


This tiny bit of JavaScript should then maximise the stream window. That’s all there is to it, it takes a few seconds, just remember to close the developer window when you’re finished. As mentioned already we love Bet365, not just for their odds, fairness and longevity but because they continue to provide added little bonuses like this. The online streaming world would be a lot poorer without them.

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