Why Email Forwarding Software Is Still A Good Option

The Most Secure Way Of Forward E-mail From One Account To Another

There was once a time when GetMail and a few other similar programs were the only way of having your e-mail forwarding out of your Hotmail account onto another. Things have changed quite a lot over the last couple of years though and now besides the software options there are a number of services that have cropped up which will do the same thing for you albeit from a hosted server. I did try and setup my own service several times but the real problem came down to cost, where I am based internet services including the dedicated servers I would require are hugely expensive, there is no way I could create a cost effective service with those overheads. In the end I’ve teamed up with a service that mainly specialises in AOL forwarding (AOL is just as backwards as Hotmail/Windows Live Hotmail) to promote hosted Hotmail forwarding.

This is all very good but there are still some advantages to using a software as opposed to service approach when it comes to having your e-mail forwarded.

  1. Multiple accounts at no extra cost. When using GetMail for e-mail forwarding you can add as many extra accounts to forward as you like. The only real limitation is with the speed of your internet connection, although changing the polling period can even help with that.
  2. Greater control. Whilst 24/7 forwarded for some may be a must for others the ability to start and stop the forwarding as and when you require may be important.
  3. Security. Whilst you would hope that anybody operating a mail forwarding service could be trusted, by using a local software solution your e-mail is only being transported between your computer and the various e-mail servers involved. You are also not giving out your password.
  4. Better suited to non business purposes. For personal e-mail where it is nice but not essential to have forwarding it is a much more cost effective method, you can’t beat free!

It all comes down to personal requirements and preference. GetMail for Hotmail is still a great way of forwarding your Hotmail/POP3 messages. A built in spam filter, forwarding to multiple recipients, a local backup of your messages are all features you’ll be hard pushed to find elsewhere.

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