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How To Watch Live Football With TVAnts

I know i’ve covered streaming media and in particular streaming football matches in the past but things have changed since then. One piece of software in particular has come to stand head and shoulders above all the competition as the definitive way of watching live streaming football on your PC, what I’m talking about is TVAnts. Now TVAnts has been around for a while, but the thing is, it is always being improved upon and having more channels added. Put simply to you and me this means more live football matches. Not only that (is if that wasn’t good enough) but there is now an ever growing list of sports that are starting to find themselves being covered live on the internet from NBA to live motor sport and various forms of Golf from all over the world. Of course for the majority of us the main draw is the availability of live football matches for free, including those matches not normally shown such as Saturday afternoon 3pm kick offs from the English Premier League.

TVAnts Technology

Without going into too much detail, TVAnts utilises torrent style peer to peer (P2P) sharing technology to “share” video and audio amongst users who wish to watch the same “channel”. What this sharing means is that in general, the more people who are watching the same stream (channel) as you, the more sources there will be for you to share from, more viewers = a better quality stream = a happier football fan! The obvious question with all this is where does the actual source for the live football come from? It seems that various countries around the world have the right to broadcast live football matches that people in the host countries (England, Spain, Italy) do not get to see. Some of these channels find their way onto the internet. TVAnts shows streams of these channels including ESPN Asia, Star Sports , just to name a few and this is where the live football coverage comes from. What also seems to be the case with TVAnts is that many of the channels are showing native television feeds including commentary in the language you would expect. For example English Premier League and Champions League games can often be found with full English commentary from the pundits you would find on your normal television broadcast.

TVAnts Download And Schedule

You can find your TVAnts download and instructions on how to use it by following the link, live football schedules can be found on this site.

One word of warning, watching live football with TVAnts is NOT the same as watching a live High Definition broadcast, high definition football on a good sized LCD with surround sound can’t be beaten!

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