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Excel Password Recovery is a free tool to help you recover lost or forgetten Excel workbook passwords. It works by trying to open the workbook with a word from a large Dictionary file (over 140,000 words). All words are lower case by standard but the option is available to try uppercase and capitalised versions of each giving you maximum password opportunity. Although there is no guarantee that the Excel password will be recovered it is a much quicker method than the "brute force" methods that most paid password recovery tools use (this involves trying every combination characters). A full run through with all basic options including numbers included should take no longer than 20-25 minutes on a good home/office PC. This can be sped up greatly by only selecting the options that apply to your password style, for example if you always type in your passwords in lowercase with a number at the end then there is no need to select the uppercase, numbers before options. Please note that this tool is only for recovering old Excel workbook passwords (prior to the .xlsx format) and not VBA, Sheet or any other type of Excel password.

Excel Password Recovery Features :-

  • Recover Excel Workbook Passwords
  • Large Dictionary with multiple variation options
  • E-mail recovered password to an address of your choice
  • Supress Screensaver
  • Free Software
I can't guarantee that Excel Password Recovery will recover your Excel password, however it's free and relatively quick to try. If you'd prefer a paid, quicker service that is guaranteed to REMOVE your Excel Workbook password in normally less than 5 minutes then please check out Decryptum, I had to use them once and found their service to be brilliant, very much does what it says on the tin. The also offer a free trial which will show part of the password protected workbook, this is a great help when you're not sure about using a service like this for the first time.

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