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This isn't GetMail For Hotmail, what happened? - On the 1st of September 2009 Microsoft decided to remove the protocol known as WebDAV from the Hotmail, Live Mail family of e-mail accounts. The GetMail For Hotmail application was written almost entirely around this protocol so at this point became next to useless. Easy Email Forwarding is the follow up application to Getmail For Hotmail, designed to primarily work with accounts that support POP3. On top of this Easy Email Forwarding also has better support for the various POP3 proxy services out there like FreePOPS and YPOPS ensuring that forwarding from AOL and Yahoo accounts is even easier than before! Finally as an added bonus because Hotmail forwarding with Easy Email Forwarding does not use the WebDAV sending protocol that GetMail For Hotmail did no headers are altered during the forwarding. Welcome to seemless forwarding.

So Who Needs This? - The answer to this is a simple one. Anybody with multiple e-mail accounts that wants to deal with one account but not expose their passwords to other services. Easy Email Forwarding is 100% Free and runs from your own desktop, passwords are saved on your local computer using industrial strength encryption.

Managing our e-mail used to be such an easy job back when we all only had 1 account. The trouble is that over time we start to collect e-mail accounts like toys, from Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL to the mail account provided by our ISP and GMail. You just have to have the latest account, if you're anything like me then you've got at least one of each! Then you might want different e-mail accounts for different things, personal, work a family account? In no time at all our contacts are contacting us using a whole assortment of different email addresses. It's no wonder that so many people become lost as to what and how often they should be checking their e-mail!

Easy Email Forwarding is there to help, if you've got more than 1 e-mail account then Easy Email Forwarding will help you to gather up your new messages, meaning that you have a much reduced amount of accounts to check. Easy Email Forwarding supports forwarding from any account that has POP3 access (this is the most common protocol for accessing your email), for non POP3/webmail only systems such as Free Yahoo and AOL accounts you can still forward on your messages by combining Easy Email Forwarding with another free program called FreePOPS. There are also other programs out there that will convert from whatever protocol your e-mail account supports to POP3, meaning it can be used with Easy Email Forwarding.

Main Features :-

  • Very Easy Email Forwarding
  • Forward messages without altering the To,From and other address details
  • Forward from unlimited accounts
  • Forward to multiple recipients
  • Optional spam, attachment and e-mail size filtering
  • Take advantage of POP3 proxies allowing the forwarding of hundreds of email account types (including Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL)
  • SSL compatible
  • SMS compatability features to make forwarded email messages compatible with your mobile
  • Free Microsoft Windows Software (NOT MAC)

Easy Email Forwarding works on your local PC, you can set the program to start automatically when you login/turn on. Because the program works from your PC you'll not be exposing your login details to any third party services. I know a number of mail accounts offer POP3 retrieval to "join" accounts together but this does mean trusting your login details to somebody outside of your control. Maybe not such a worry for personal accounts but I know a lot of people aren't comfortable with sharing e-mail account details they use for business. Some of the most common questions about Easy Email Forwarding are answered in the FAQ.

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