Advanced Microsoft Excel Find Function

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If you are using Microsoft Excel as a database the chances are that you have noticed that the find function doesn't work very well across multiple sheets. Besides this how often do users get mixed up when it comes to searching formulas or values, whole or part cells? This simple spreadsheet contains a worksheet and 3 macros that will help to eliminate all such problems by searching a range of sheets that you specify as well as making the correct decision when it comes to search options (An Advanced Excel find!). Being simply a native excel macro (VBA) solution it is very easy to customise to suite your own particular circumstances. Why not give it a try and make search Excel much easier for your users!

  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Microsoft Excel for Windows 95 and above compatible
  • Will help less able users to search your MS Excel datastore
  • A good starting point for more advanced searching if necessary

Download The - Advanced Excel Search Macro