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Free Computer Monitoring Software – Still Effective In 2020

With so many people using smart phones, tablets and any other number of mobile devices to get the information they want you’d wonder just how much PC’s are still used and therefore if there is really any need for free computer monitoring software in 2020? This was all before the Covid-19 events of 2020 kicked off and now all of a sudden people have found the limitations with Android and iOS devices and are digging out their dusty old laptops to do work. We are also discovering just how much easier a PC is for doing actual productive things like office work and home schooling. So yes the reality is that there is a need for free computer monitoring software in 2020, just as much as there has ever been!

I can speak from first hand experience here, my wife and daughter are both now working from home and all of a sudden despite them having iPhones and iPads I had to quickly arrange Windows based laptops for them so that they could be productive. I know many of my friends are in the same situation, with many of them having younger children who are now remote schooling to add in to the mix. This is a perfect situation in which to install our free Windows based computer monitoring software – ICU. The great thing about the software I wrote 13 years ago now (has it really been 13 years?) is that unlike so many other PC monitoring programs there is ZERO chance of the software being used for dodgy purposes. By only doing screen grabs and “running program lists” there is no exposure of private information like passwords or any other types of recorded keystrokes. Simply put the software I wrote doesn’t have that type of function on purpose. Yes really. I have no interest in writing a secret key logger. And by having reports e-mailed to you it means there is no need to constantly be going on to a laptop that you’ve “gifted” somebody. You can monitor the PC from your e-mail enalbled phone/pad or anything else.

The truth is that lots of people no longer even know how to use a Windows PC correctly and as an experienced user you can use monitoring software to guide them if they start to go wrong, or at the very least get an audit trail of where they went wrong. When you also add on the child monitoring talked about above you can see just how free computer monitoring software is still worth having. Ours is 100% free (honestly no upsells or adverts etc, it paid for my development time years ago and I’ve been giving it away for free ever since), very simple to use and extrememly customisable depending on your specific circumstances.

There is more information about ICU on its own page (Free Child Monitoring Software), it is currently not signed under our SMTP Software Ltd brand but is next on the list. It still comes with our same guarantee that what you directly download from us is what we intended to give you i.e. no spyware but if you want to wait for it to be digitally signed it should be done before the end of May 2020.

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