Hotmail Contacts In Gmail - How To Import Hotmail Contacts

With the help of GetMail it is relatively easy to move your email from a Hotmail account to your GMail account. But how do you move your Hotmail contacts to GMail? There are a minimum of 2 steps to this and most other data migrations, first of all you need to export your Hotmail contacts, you then need to import this information file (after any formatting) to GMail. A really easy way to do this is to synchronise your Hotmail account with Outlook or Outlook Express, you can then use the export function of those programs to create a file that GMail can read. However, this will only work if you have a premium paid account or an older Hotmail account that still has WebDAV access. I'm not going to cover this method, I'm going to show you a way of importing your Hotmail contacts to GMail that will work with any Hotmail account.

Exporting Hotmail Contacts

The first step is to get the information you need out of Hotmail, you can achieve this by doing the following:-

  1. Select Contacts from the Hotmail navigation bar.
  2. Click On Print View.
  3. Highlight the entire contents of the table (including the heading names e.g. Name, E-Mail and Phone as well as all your contacts).
  4. Press Ctrl+C to copy the table.
  5. Create a new spreadsheet document in Excel.
  6. Select Edit and then Paste from the main menu.
  7. Sort the data by the E-Mail column.
  8. For any rows with a blank E-Mail column copy any e-mail address from the Name column to the E-Mail column.
  9. Read this guide from Google on the format of CSV contact files and make any adjustments as may be necaserry.
  10. Select File and then Save As... from the menu.
  11. Make sure you select a format involving "CSV" for saving the file. (GMail can import csv files)

You should now have a CSV file containing all your Hotmail contacts ready for importing into GMail.

Importing Your Hotmail Contacts Into GMail

Importing your new contacts file into GMail is really straight forward:-

  1. Select Contacts from the GMail left hand menu.
  2. Select Import from the 3 options at the top right of your list of contacts.
  3. Click Browse to locate your CSV file containing your Hotmail contacts.
  4. Click Import.

Thats about all there is to it really, a simple way of importing your Hotmail contacts to GMail that will work for any Hotmail account.