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Want To Watch Quality Live Football Matches Live On the Internet?

Live Sports Streaming Is The Future

I discovered live streams of football matches over the internet about 8 months ago. Although watchable there were a few drawbacks, mainly you had to get on to a server early and secondly even if you did manage to get on sometimes the picture quality (although smooth) was a bit low resolution.

Then came the revolution thanks to Peer to Peer technology. By “sharing” the live football stream amongst p2p clients everybody could get on (the more users the better the quality) and the resolution could increase. The first of these I came across was something called CoolStreaming, it worked great! Unfortunately as with all the best things in life, it had to come to an end, in this instance a great big copyright end!

Fortunately for us, from the far east a new bunch of young pretenders have come to light, ready and willing to spread the word of live football over the internet. It might not be there only use but who honestly is interested in watching the latest Chinese drama?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the P2P software that’ll allow you to watch the live football you’re looking for:-

  • PPLive – My own personal favourite at the moment, most big Premiership games can be found on one or the other of the many channels available through PPLive. It also has the option of an English interface which is a huge help. This software utilises windows media player for viewing so it is possible for streams to be broadcast all around your network (even your PocketPC) from one copy of the program. Very clever!
  • PPStream – If anything the quality of streams available through PPStream is even better than PPLive, however the interface is only available in Chinese and streams are played in an embedded version of media player. Even so this is a very useful application in your mission to watch live football on the web.
  • SOPCast – Seems to still be very much in test at the moment with channels appearing and then being removed fairly often. However, when a football match is available on one of the featured channels the quality is always very high. I’ve just checked now and there seems to be a lot of sports channels available so maybe things are beginning to settle down. This could easily become my software of choice.
  • TVAnts and QQLive – Probably the least popular of the P2P options available for live football but you should install these anyway as you just never can be sure what channel a football game will be showing on.

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