Software List - Free Software And Macros

The software that we write is always written to solve a problem we our having in a practical way. This free software list contains programs and macros written over several years. The Excel Macros should be usable across all versions of Microsoft Excel. The older software only requires Windows 98 or better to run, any new programs will require the .net FrameWork version 2 or better (links will be available to this from any programs that require it). Obviously as new development tools come out we'll update the sofware as and when the needs crops up.

All of our software is available for download for free, however some programs also have the option of being downloaded via Trialpay. Whilst this is still free to you (the user) it actually gives us some reward for the software so if you could download via the Trialpay option we'd very much appreciate it. Essentially TrialPay is in place to support the continued development of the software, some of our mail handling programs are downloaded in excess of 10,000 times a week and are in use on countless computers, our child monitoring software has been a huge hit with many parents and has picked up several awards but we always have aimed to give as much away as we can.

CheckMail (Manxnet) - Check for new e-mail in your Manxnet account
Check Mail (POP) - Check for new e-mail in your POP mail account
Check Mail (GMail) - Written especially for Gmail, easily check for new e-mail in your GMail mail account
Advanced Excel Find - Search your Excel workbooks far more efficiently
Internet Monitoring Software - Monitoring software to help keep your child safe on the internet - (requires .net)
Excel Column Grab - Consolidate your Excel data for export or analysis
Excel Password Recovery - A free tool for helping to recover Excel Passwords - (requires .net)
Friday Fun Software - Fun stuff to keep you going on a Friday afternoon
PDF Meta Update - Easily update the Author and Title meta information for PDF files - (requires .net)
QuickTwit - PC Twitter Client - Instantly update you Twitter status with this invisible Twitter client - (requires .net)
GetMail For Hotmail - Mail handling tool, forward on Hotmail,MSN or POP3 accounts to any other account(s) (Gmail?)
Sync Ops - Synchronize multiple folders using various event triggers
UK Lottery Generator - A very very random, number generator for the main UK lottery game
WordPress Auto Poster - Automatically add new posts to your WordPress blog

All software and macros in this list have been virus scanned using several products before uploading however we can't be responsible for any problems that may occur from using our software.