The First 3D TVs Go On Sale

Is 3D TV Just Going To Be Another Fad?

I’ll admit that I was one of the very first in line to buy an LCD Television when they initially came out. I’d never been too bothered about the earlier Plasma sets because of several bad experiences (through work) with Plasma burn. I liked the idea of a big screen flat TV but not at the price of being terrified of pausing anything or not being able to play video games! Over the years I’ve gone on to buy no less than 8 LCD TVs all the way up to the current Philips model that we use as our main TV now. It still gives a stunning picture even if it is a little big for our front room. All I’m trying to do is set the background for why I can’t wait for the next generation of TV to hit the market, and the next generation is 3D.

3D TV Isn’t New – It’s Been Knocking Around For Ages!

3D Audio Visual entertainment goes back all the way to the early 20th Century and it has had several false starts. 2010 is going to be the year though when 3D hits the mainstream. Avatar has become the biggest grossing movie of all time and I’m reliably informed by my movie buff friends that it is really not so much about the story as about the “experience”. As groundbreaking as the move from black and white to color perhaps? Wasn’t that promised with the move from standard definition to high definition? Anyway, the way in which I’ve had Avatar described to me makes me think that the next generation of 3D technology might just be the revolution that HD promised to be. This is where I’ve got something to confess, I didn’t bother going to see Avatar. The reason is that I don’t like James Cameron. I mean I really REALLY don’t like his films, at all. Instead I’ll use the release of Avatar on Blu-Ray as an excuse to the wife to buy a new 3D Television.

The great news is that the first generation of home 3D TVs are just starting to appear. Samsung already have a selection of LED based TVs on the market and Sony are set to join in sometime in the summer of 2010. The question is how long do I wait until I splash the cash on my first 3D TV? I’m inclined to wait for Philips to enter the fray, my current TV still produces the best quality picture of any LCD/LED/Plasma I’ve ever seen , besides the Philips take on 3D technology looks really interesting, doing away totally with the need to use 3D glasses. I have learnt some lessons from my previous experiences and the main one seems to be to let somebody else test the technology first, being first can be very expensive. Still, 2010 will be a great year for home entertainment, in our house anyway.

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