Software Support -

Any software available on the website which is downloadable free of charge will be supported at our discretion, but we will always do our best to help :) Before asking for help please be sure to read the readme file that comes with each program. Some programs also have detailed FAQs available, please be sure to read the FAQ before contacting us.

If the answer to your problem isn't in the readme or FAQ then please feel free to e-mail with your question, please include the following details as a minimum:-

  • - The software you are having a problem with (including the version number)
  • - Your operating system
  • - If the software works over the internet the type of internet connection you are using (dial-up/ADSL etc)
  • - As complete a description of the problem you are having as possible

No guarantees will be given with regard to response times, but please be aware that we are based in UK so work in UK time. If you have downloaded a program via either the TrialPay system or by paying for it then please let us know in your support request. Any support requests for paid for downloads or TrialPay downloads will be given priority.

Please Be Aware That All Of Our Software Is Written For The Windows Platform - Not Macs Or Linux