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Download WordPress Auto Poster
(You'll need the .net Framework version 4.5 or better)

The WordPress Auto Poster is a simple application that automatically sources and posts freely available articles for posting to your WordPress blog based on a number of keywords/key phrases that you specify. In order to make sure that the most relevant content is posted the Google search engine is used to source the article from the relevant article directory. As well as the actual article, the WordPress Auto Poster will also attempt to embed a YouTube video (optional) into the post to give your readers even more to look at.

The use of free articles is widely regarded as one of the best ways of bulking out a blog that isn't perhaps posted to as much as the author may like. In the past this has meant locating a relevant article and then manually posting it on to your WordPress blog. The WordPress Auto Poster completely automates this, sourcing articles from various directories and posting them as far in advance as you'd like. It is the regular upadates to a blog that keeps your readers and the search engines interested. Combining the power of WordPress with high quality articles is a great way to build your first website and engage web browsers.

Some of WordPress Auto Poster's main features include:-

  • Choose how many posts you'd like spread over how many days (all posts are made at random)
  • Intelligent keyword/article use - each keyword/article will only ever be used once by default
  • Intelligent optional YouTube embedding, if the most relevant video is not available for embedding then it doesn't include it
  • The option of including authority outbound links in your articles
  • The ability to automatically embed relevant eBay listings into posted articles via phpBay
  • You choose which user you want to post as
  • You choose which category you want posts to appear under
  • Works With All Versions Of Windows...As Long As You Have The .Net Framework v4.5 Or Better Installed

Using the WordPress Auto Poster to automatically add content to your blog will give you the freedom to spend more time writing your own authority articles. Before using this software please take the time to read the readme. The tips in particular will help you to get the most out of the Wordpress Auto Poster.

WordPress Auto Poster Downloads

Download WordPress Auto Poster
(You'll need the .net Framework version 4.5 or better)