Please note that Easy Shred is no longer supported and may not work with the latest Windows updates. For a much more advanced version of our shredding software please check out the GDPR File Shredder over at SMTP Software.

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file shredding with easy shred
Why would anybody want to use a file shredder to get rid of files? Using some sort of Shredding Software is vitally important when it comes to privacy issues and protecting private or confidential information on a Windows PC. It is a well known fact that using the Recycle Bin to delete files and folders does not actually remove them, instead only the reference to the file is removed and the space which those files take up is allocated as free space (and can be written over). Unfortunately until the data is actually written over it is easy for those files to be recovered, hence the need for file shredding software. I tested several free file shredders before writing my own because of a simple problem, over half the free shredders I used could have the files recovered using freely available file recovery tools, I'd like shredding software to actually shred! I really hope that my software achieves thin and in the tests I did I was more than happy with the file shredding results.

The Easy Shred shredding software works by encrypting and then overwriting files with garbage several times before deleting them. This should be more than enough to stop the file contents from being put back together by the average file recovery program (even if it is recovered it will be garbage) whilst still being fast enough to not slow your computer down.

Some of Easy Shred's main features include:-

  • Drag and drop shredding of files and folders
  • Send To integration to allow right click shredding, simply Send To Easy Shred
  • Fast 3 stage shredding
  • Much harder to recover than "Recycled" files
  • Free software
  • Please Note That Easy Shred Works With Both 32-bit And 64-bit Versions Of Windows Including Windows 7, 8 and 10

Easy Shred Downloads

Easy Shred Extreme

The Easy Shred file shredder is a great solution for quickly shredding your files, however some users may want want an even stronger shredding process. Easy Shred Extreme offers just that, in fact Easy Shred Extreme overwrites your files 10 times more than the standard version. Other than throwing your hard drive in the fire this is probably the next best solution! Please note that due to this extra over writing of your files the actual shredding process takes considerably longer with Easy Shred Extreme.

Easy Shred Extreme Downloads

Please make sure you are happy with the functionality of the standard version before attempting to download Easy Shred Extreme!

Wre're sorry but the Extreme Version is no longer available, for even more advanced file shredd please check out the GDPR File Shredder.