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Up until now the meta information associated with PDF files hasn't been important. When viewing PDF files on your computer you would very rarely if ever see, never mind rely, on the Meta information. For this reason a lot of PDF file authors don't bother completing the Title and Author details accurately, or at all! Most simply rely on the automatically generated values from their PDF creator!

However, with the growing popularity of e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Portable Reader System PRS-505, that is about to change. It's only a matter of time until the Kindle offers support for PDF files whilst Sony's Reader System already allows you to read PDF files. It is a much more comfortable way of reading PDF files. The trouble is that these readers do (and will) rely on the PDF meta data to catalog your PDF e-books. Importing PDF files onto your Sony Reader that don't have the correct Meta Title and Meta Author leaves you in a mess. Books appear under titles that in no way resemble their contents, the show by Title or Author functionality of the Sony Reader becomes useless. PDF Meta Update has been written with one goal in mind, to provide you with a quick, simple way of updating the Meta details for PDF files. It will allow you to quickly change the Title and Author details for PDFs by offering a variety of alternatives based on the operating system meta information and the eBooks file name. Failing that you can also manually create a Title and Author for your PDF files.

PDF Meta Update is an essential tool if you're planning on using your Sony Reader for reading PDF files.

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