Getmail FAQ Part 1

GetMail For Hotmail Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1 Of Our Getmail FAQ

What is the lastest version of GetMail for Hotmail?
Verision 4.1 is the latest official release of GetMail for Hotmail.

I get “Your Outlook access has been disabled”?
Hotmail has changed the rules for using the protocol GetMail for Hotmail utilises. GetMail has in-built support for paid up Hotmail/MSN members who have WebDAV enabled accounts. In order to use GetMail with a disabled Hotmail account you will need another free utility called FreePOPS. You need to setup another account with type FreePOPS, you will then be able to forward on from Hotmail. Instructions on how to use GetMail to forward all Hotmail accounts can be found by following the link.

Is it possible to relay messages or forward them without altering the original sender?
In short, no! The original sender has to be changed so that the message can be sent via Hotmails servers. Replying to a mail will always reply to the original sender. To make the forwarded mail look like it is from the original sender any alias used i.e. the sender name, will be added to your Hotmail address. If no alias is available for the original message then the originators e-mail address is used as the alias instead. Depending on the situation regarding soft failures and how they are treated I may at some point add an option to relay mail un altered in the future.

What’s this Soft Fail all about?
A soft fail is when an e-mail from a specified address (e.g. is sent from a server not attached (permitted to send that e-mail) to that domain. So for example if a mail was received from but the mail came from the smtp server myown.smtp.server it would trigger a soft fail at the receiving mail server. Depending on how the receiving mail server is set up this mail could either pass through as though nothing is wrong, be automatically identified as spam or in the worst case just not be delivered. When using GetMail to forward from a POP account I would urge you if at all possible to use the correct smtp server. I have held back on relaying mail for this reason, the last thing I want is 1000’s of support messages from people who’s mail has disappeared!

Does GetMail work with MSN mail?
YES. As from v2.4 GetMail is fully compatible with MSN mail accounts (see above).

Does GetMail work with Yahoo Mail?
GetMail natively supports the Yahoo pop servers available to all uk users ( and paid Yahoo mail members.

To use GetMail with Yahoo Mail you will need to download a program called YPOPS. You can then configure GetMail to forward on your Yahoo Mail using YPOPS as the pop server.
You’ll need the following settings:-

  • Account: Your Yahoo account
  • Account Type: YPOPS
  • Password: Your yahoo password
  • Forward To: Whatever address(s) you want

I would highly recommend using a separate SMTP server. Please note that no guarantee is given to the compatibility of the 2 programs or the results of using them in conjunction.

nb There may be other equivalent programs to YPOPS that may work, FreePOPS also ahs teh ability to access Yahoo accounts.

Does GetMail work with GMail?
GetMail supports Gmail forwarding via the freely available GMail POP and SMTP servers. You will need the extra SSL files to do this. If you wish to forward mail FROM a Gmail account you will need to configure your extra account details as follows:-

  • Account – Your Gmail account (fully resolved)
  • Account Type – Other POP
  • Password – Your GMail password
  • Forward To – The destination account for mail to be forwarded to
  • Pop Server –
  • Pop Port – 995
  • Use SSL – True
  • Full Address – False
  • Smtp Server –
  • Smtp Port – 465
  • Use SSL – True
  • Needs Auth – True
  • Username – Your full Gmail e-mail address
  • Pass – Your Gmail password

Please make sure you have enabled POP on your GMail account before using the above settings.

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