How To Fix Your Kodi Media Box

How To Fix Your Kodi/XBMC Android Media Box

When XBMC first started it was a bit of a geek thing, requiring an original Xbox and a fair bit of messing about. However it was a superb media player back then and now thanks to an ever growing list of add-ons it is frankly superb. It has evolved in to Kodi and with it a whole world of online media from music to films and even live sports is opened up with a minimal amount of hassle. To take advantage of this there are a huge number of Android media boxes available through places like Amazon and E-Bay so for less than £50 you can have access to all the entertainment you could ever want.

Why Is My Media Only Playing In The Top Left Corner?

The problem is that a lot of these boxes take advantage of custom builds of XBMC/Kodi. Kodi is well known as being a bit sensitive about Android graphics hardware and to date (27/05/2015) there are still plenty of issues. The problem comes when you decide to upgrade the version of XBMC/Kodi that came with your streaming box. I can understand why you would want to and the only reason I know about these problems is because I went through the same thing myself. Determined to get the latest version of Kodi working on my Mobie Dazzle I started taking the whole thing apart from a software perspective. I literally tried everything to get back to full screen playback using hardware acceleration but nothing I did made any difference. Disabling hardware acceleration did work but resulted in a stuttering playback for HD (1080p) content. I Have tried every available version of Kodi/XBMC for the official repository.

How To Get Kodi XBMC To Play Full Screen Again

Fortunately for me I’d ordered 2 boxes. Because of this I was able to package up the custom build XBMC on the working version and re-install it on the “broke” box. Doing this completely fixed any issues and we are back to watching all content full screen with no playback issues. Seeing as how I’d got that far I figured why not make that custom build available for other people to download, hence this page. Whilst this version is specifically from the Mobie Dazzle it “should” work on any Android boxes running a Mali-450 GPU. If you try it and it works please get in touch so I can compile a list of devices it definitely does work on.

Download Custom XBMC Build For Mobie Dazzle

Download XBMC 4.0 Alpha For Mobie Dazzle Android APK (95 MB – Zipped)

(Custom Build Of XBMC For Mobie Dazzle Running A Mali-450 GPU, It May Work On Other Mali-450 GPU Android Boxes But No Promises)

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