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Simple Online Backup That Even Your Parents Could Use!

If I was to ask you a question right now I bet you I can say with 99% assurance what the answer will be! It’s simple really because we all give the same answer. So here goes, right now at this very moment what is the most important thing you have stored on your personal computers hard disk? My answer – I predict you’re going to say “family photographs/video“.

  1. Your backup is in the same location as your original
  2. 2. DVD/CD’s and even hard drives can fail

Whilst using this form of backup may save your bacon if you only experience a hard drive failure what happens if something more serious happens? What happens if there’s a fire, a flood, somebody breaks into your house and steals your computer equipment? The short answer is that you’re stuffed. With burning to DVD there is also the added problem of buying blank DVDs for regular backups. I’ll let you in to a secret, I run my business from home and even though my entire livelihood is based on what is on my computer I often forget to do my weekly backup. It’s part of my job and still it’s too much hassle. I can’t even imagine the trouble I’d be in from the wife if I lost all of our photographs. In the past there has also been occasion where I’ve gone to restore old files from a DVD (that I checked at the time) only to find that over a period of years it has become corrupt and can’t be read. It is the problems I’ve had with DVD backup that probably explains why I’m so lax about it.

It is scenarios like those above and the realisation of just how precious the photographs of my daughter’s entire childhood are that resulted in me looking at online backup. I wanted a copy of my files away from me, as far away as possible. Preferably I also wanted redundancy i.e. multiple copies just in case. After speaking to a few friends it was suggested that I check out Mozy, at $4.99 a month for unlimited storage everything I’d heard about them was good. Being tight I decided to start of with a limited free account (they limit you to 2GB of data). That was enough for me to try out their software and get an idea about their service without splashing the cash. I was impressed enough that within 2 days I’d signed up for the unlimited package, it was a no brainer. To sum up Mozy in one sentence it is scheduled online backup for anybody! Mozy have made online backup mainstream and I’d recommend that if you answered yes to my first question that you give them a go, even if you don’t have money to spend the free account might just prove to be a life saver.

Mozy is no longer available, but Simple Backups is even better value, click here to sign-up now!

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