Online Lottery Number Generator For The UK Lottery

We’d all like to win the lottery right? That extra couple of million pounds would come in really handy? Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any way of guaranteeing a lottery win so when it comes to picking your lottery numbers there are many tried and trusted methods. Some people like to go down the maths route, others prefer to stick to birthdays and other special dates (a really bad idea unless you plan on splitting your lottery win with a lot of people!) One man who claimed to be able to predict the lottery was Derren Brown. His TV show shown in the UK in 2009 allegedly saw him predict all 6 winning lottery numbers for the main UK lottery draw.

It’s no wonder that the show attracted such large viewing figures and controversy. There have been many opinions on how Derren did it but the general consensus was that it was just good old fashioned camera trickery. However, part of the build up to the “big one” involved using groups of people looking at previous winning lottery numbers to see if the human brain could decipher any sort of pattern. This may or may not work but this is what we’ve based our online UK lottery generator on. Whether you believe in it or not it’s simply an easy way of picking your lottery numbers! So what’s going to happen when you click to start is that ALL THE WINNING LOTTERY NUMBERS for this year are going to be shown to you, look at them hard, imagine you’re doing once of those hidden image puzzles, over a short period the numbers will fade out and you’ll be invited to pick your 6 lucky lottery numbers, that’s all there is to it!

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