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Web CEO v6.0

In my opinion Web CEO is the premier software package when it comes to optimising your website, whether it be for financial purposes or just to make your website a better experience for those viewing it. I always said that for any third party software to make it onto the e-eeasy website it would have to be something special, well, this is the first to qualify and it most certainly is special.

I have personally used many trials of website optimisation software solutions ranging from Trendmx to SEOElite and they really don’t come close to Web CEO in both terms of ease-of use and features. Web CEO is about so much more than building recipricol link strategies and tricking Google etc etc

The e-eeasy.com site is not a commercial website, I have simply used Web CEO to improve user experience and to help make my site more visible on the internet. In fact if you have found the e-eeasy.com website via a search engine chances are this is in no small part thanks to Web CEO. I would consider this software an essential tool for those of you looking at making money from your website.

Web CEO is comprised of individual tools that each contribute to 1 of the 3 main areas of the program. These are (in no particular order):-

Website promotion module:

  • Keyword marketing tool: Find out what people are actually looking for and how many times per day.
  • Search engine optimization tool: Tune your Web pages so that they always appear at the top of search results across most popular search engines.
  • Search engine submission tool: Tell the world about your Web site. Instantly submit all your pages to search engines that make 98% of all traffic from search engines.
  • Web site ranking checker: Know your exact positions in every popular search engine in the world without effort.

Web Traffic Analysis module:

  • Track all visitors to your Web site. Know for sure – who they are, where they come from, which search engines and search phrases they used to find you. Track their paths. Find out which pages they like and which don’t. Become a Big Brother!
  • Get all possible and impossible reports on performance of your Web site.
  • Get unique reports, which normally cost thousands and available to Fortune 500 companies only! Hundreds of reports. You will find the one you need right now.

Website maintenance module:

  • Find and repair broken, out-dated, and problem content.
  • Detect pages missing critical elements: Title tags, Metadata, image attributes.
  • Get reports on all problem pages with the detailed breakdown of problems by page.
  • Get an excellent overview of site quality and usability.
  • Reducing costs and inconvenience associated with manual site testing.
  • Ensure your content is optimized for better search engine visibility.
  • Ensure that your visitors experience your site as you expected them to.
  • Edit your Web pages as easy as possible in both visual and code views.
  • Get instant access to the most important tags like Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords without reading HTML.
  • Change any link, ALT, width/height attribute on the page with one click and without knowledge of HTML.
  • Upload any file or folder to your host in an easy way without getting through sophisticated FTP routines. Or download anything, e.g. log-files from your Web site as if you were copying a file in Windows.

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